Hi Sisters!,

I was at your conference yesterday and I learned so much! However, I am confused about starting it all at once, while waiting to launch…? I teach 2nd grade, and we’ve never done this before. So I planned Read to Self with the 3 foundation lessons on the 1st 3 days (1 on each day) as well as placing them around the room- is that right so far? I would start Writing and Math by Myself on the 2nd day, in sort of the same way. 1-2 days for the foundation lessons and then onto placing them around the room and practicing. Or should they be placed around the room for writing and math on the first day as well?

Please let me know what I’m missing…(besides confidence).

Thank you!






It is wonderful to hear the Sisters, isn’t it? So inspiring!
As I understand the Sisters, you might want to get the Daily 5 Steps to independence and routine down a bit before introducing the Math Daily 3. I would also give Read to Self a bit more time to ensure they have that routine down before introducing Work on Writing.
Don’t feel like yo have to be in a hurry to get it all going at once. It’s so very important to make sure kids have the stamina and steps to independence down so that you don’t have to continually be giving reminders.
Have fun with D5, CAFE and Math! You’ll love the results you get and how your students take ownership of their learning.

Victoria Serecin

Yes, that is my concern. It is a bit confusing to hear them say “focus on one at a time before starting the next”, and then “start writing and math foundation lessons on the first day of school”. I know they are speaking to a variety of teachers; I know it all depends on the type of class as well. However I am afraid to wait too long; my school starts immediately with curriculum content. Thank you for your advice; I will make sure they are strong in stamina and independence before moving on.

Marsha wolfel

I have also been confused by the schedule for the beginning of the year. Day 1 usually takes me at least a week

Victoria Serecin

Really? I don’t mind going slow, but we do start with the curriculum right away. I am worried that if I start other routines, like our Math, I won’t be able to change it to Daily 3. I am going to start Read to Self on the first day, and practice it all day. On the 2nd day, I’ll say they were so good at being independent that we’ll do math and writing the same way! If if doesn’t work, then I’ll re-focus on Read to Self, but I’ll have to move on with math and writing as a more traditional workshop model. If there are any more ideas, please let me know!


And, that’s OK, mmwolfel :). I jokingly think in my head sometimes–“Was the earth really created in 7 actual days, or was that just a figure of speech?” (Please don’t anyone take offense–just a joke.) Even before Daily 5, it usually always took me two weeks a least to get through what I had planned for one!!

Victoria Serecin

I agree! And then I complain that I didn’t plan enough! Well, at least I know I am not the only one. I will keep in mind that stamina needs to be high and independent before adding more and at the same time letting students know that our math and writing will be same format when they are ready and that there will be lots of choice!. Hoping that motivates them and myself, to let them guide me, not the curriculum. Thanks for the conversation; it is helping me organize my thoughts!


Great! I’m so glad you you are embracing all the D5, CAFE, Math D3 concepts You’re going to see great results with your kiddos and be so happy you are starting this journey!!. I love the conversations, too!

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