Skippyjon Jones by Judy Schachner


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By Gretchen Lundquist

Skippyjon Jones is a highly imaginative, mischievous Siamese cat. He goes on all sorts of adventures while being confined to his bedroom during a time-out. His imagination takes him to Old Mexico where he becomes a hero, but will his imagination be too much for his mother? Students can't help but join in as Skippyjon breaks into spontaneous song throughout this great read-aloud.

Possible strategy instruction:

  • C: Infer and support with evidence.
  • C: Make a picture or mental image.
  • A: Skip the word, then come back.
  • A: Trade a word/guess a word that makes sense.
  • F: Use punctuation to enhance phrasing and prosody.
  • E: Tune in to interesting words and use new vocabulary in speaking and writing.

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