Review Behaviors Throughout the Year


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In this video, you will see Savannah’s first graders engaged in Daily 5 and CAFE. We’d like to suggest that you videotape your students as well, and here’s why. Taking the time to build behaviors and then celebrating the product by videotaping and pointing out examples of high levels of engagement honors the work the students have done. It also gives them instant feedback about how they are doing and what it looks like, and can be set as the expectation for Daily 5 and CAFE work in the future.

Listen and Watch

  • Focus on what each child is doing and on what Savanah is doing. Are they engaged? Are they focused? 


  • The video can be used throughout the year as a touchstone to refer to, a way to show the criteria and expectations we have for engagement during Daily 5 and CAFE.
  • After a break from school, or on bumpy behavior days, watch the video to remind the students of the behaviors they know and are able to exhibit.  
  • How might you narrate the video? What might it sound like when you are pointing out on-task behaviors to your class?
  • Students can then set goals and reflect on how they are doing in relation to what they saw in the video.

Essential Element

Daily 5 Stamina:

  • 7.4 Self-assess
  • 7.5 Review throughout the year when stamina declines

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