Modeled Writing and Heart Words


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Joan modeled and reinforces a variety of strategies and writing targets in this short, 6 minute focus lesson. She gets an idea, prewrites verbally, discusses conventions, refers to heart words, models what to do if you come to a word that doesn't look quite right, rereads to make sure it makes sense, and adds a simile to create a clear picture in the mind of her audience. We laugh every time we hear the suggestion that the worm was as big as a.....TRUCK!

Heart words are words we want our kids to know by heart. If you want to know more about heart words, you'll want to check out this complimentary e-book from Nellie Edge. Click on the link and scroll down to page 17 of the book. You'll find a picture and description of heart words, and view the list of words they term "heart words" in her kindergarten room. Thank you Nellie!





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