Math Daily 3 Check-In


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As we commence each round of Math Daily 3, we have our students check in with their math choice: Math by Myself, Math with Someone, or Math Writing. When teachers record choices as students verbalize them, accountability for doing the work is raised.

We have tried many different ways of checking in, but we have settled on this simple and effective system.

Once we have delivered our short, focused lesson, we are ready for students to work independently so we can teach a small group or confer individually. When we call on a student, they tell us which Math Daily 3 choice they will participate in.    

Below are two different forms used to record students' checking-in with their Math Daily 3 choices. The first form is the one used by Allison Behne. She has the three math choices listed for each day of the week. When a student checks in for the first round, she indicates their choice by placing the number 1 in the corresponding box. For the subsequent rounds, the correct round number is placed in the box matching the student's choice. 

The second form is a fillable PDF allowing you to type in each student's name. When using this form, children check in, and, using the key at the bottom, we indicate their choice by placing the corresponding code in the next box. This allows for keeping track of their choices with just a different look. 

Whichever form you choose, both are a simple, quick way to expedite the check-in process for students. 

View Allison's Form 

View Fillable PDF Form

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