Adding a Goal and Strategy at Check-In


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When our students first learn to check in, they share which Daily 5 they want to do during the next round. As soon as our assessments are completed, we raise the level of focus and accountability by training them to check in with their choice, their goal, and their strategy. This video takes us into Heather Macey's room as she introduces this more sophisticated procedure.  


Heather just taught the class how to check in by stating their goal and strategy. Let's watch as three students checkin with their Daily 5 tast, CAFE goal and strategy.

After the students go off to their Daily 5 choice, Gail and Heather debriefed the lesson. They discussed how articulate the students were in stating their goals and strategies. Heather reminds Gail that the goals had recently been identified through individual conferences. She feels the students have real ownership in their goals since they selected them. 

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