Daily 5—First Day


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Here is a visual glimpse of what we aim to teach and accomplish in most grade levels on the first day of Daily 5. It is important to note that this sequence does not have to be completed without stopping but can be separated by other content, specials, and recess breaks.

  1.  We start with 3 Ways to Read a Book regardless of the age we teach. This ensures that everyone will be successful when we practice Read to Self, no matter their ability level.
  2.  After the lesson, we do a brief brain break, giving bodies and minds a chance to reset for more instruction.
  3.  Then we do a brief lesson on reading materials and how they will be stored; we might use book boxes or ziplock bags, or perhaps we’ll put just one or two chapter-book selections on their desks.

         Here is an example:

“Later this week you are going to have a chance to fill your book box and choose your own books. For now, I have put books in your book box that you can use to read the pictures, read the words, or retell the story if you are familiar with it.”

  1.  I PICK may be on day one or at a later date when students are ready.

 We hope this launching visual will prove useful as you begin your Daily 5 journey. Peek at the related articles for more information about the lessons embedded throughout the day.

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