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It is so rewarding when our students make progress toward learning targets and goals. Avery has worked hard to assess her own spelling as she writes and underlines words she is unsure about before continuing. This is exactly the kind of independence we want to foster so we are not being interrupted to spell words for children throughout the workshop time.

During this conference, Avery and Joan celebrate how close she got to those tricky words and add "cousin" to her personal word bank for future reference. Avery has made enough progress that Joan joyfully introduces her new goal; to put periods at the end of every sentence. They talk about the importance of rereading and listening for where those missing dots need to go. Joan jots notes in her conferring notebook throughout the conference. As the conference ends, Joan has recorded her observations, the lesson taught, and Avery's next steps so she can begin to work with another student immediately. 




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