Goal Setting with a Student and Teacher New to CAFE


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Gail has the joy of working with Cindy, a veteran teacher new to CAFE and one-on-one conferring, along with Joshua who is one of Cindy's students. In the first clip, we listen in on a beginning one-on-one goal setting conference with Joshua. In the clip you will hear Gail ask Joshua a question that begins each goal setting conference, "What do you know about yourself as a reader?" You will see how difficult it is for Joshua, new to individual goals and conferring, to answer. Gail proceeds to model for the teacher how to introduce a child to a new goal and strategy, model the strategy and do a bit of guided practice. 



In this second video, you will hear Gail and Cindy debrief the conference with Joshua. As a novice with conferring, Cindy has wonderful questions and thought-provoking reflection as to why Joshua seems a bit uncomfortable during the conference. We love Cindy's honest and frank questions and thinking as she is talks about the change she is making in her classroom, moving from predominantly whole group or traditional small group instruction to more one-on-one conferring. If you are on this similar journey or ever have been, you will relate to Cindy! 



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