Goal Setting with More Advanced Readers


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In this video, Gail confers with Landon, a 6th grade student who is an advanced reader. The point of this conference is to help Landon set his first goals of the school year and begin using his own Reading Conferring Sheet.

Landon has had a couple of years of experience with CAFE so he is aware of what his strengths are. With Gail's guidance, Landon sets a comprehension goal. Gail nudges him to realize what he needs to do to stay focused, which is also a challenge for Landon.

On a side note, have you ever had a more advanced reader struggle with reading aloud? Listen in as Gail asks Landon to read aloud a bit of his text for her. His challenges with reading aloud reminds Gail that once a student becomes a more sophisticated reader, the act of reading aloud becomes more cumbersome.




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