Conferring in Action with a Coach


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If you are learning how to give assessments, conduct informal conferences, and interpret data, you may find it helpful to listen in as Gail and Cindy Danielson confer with Eva, a second grader. Gail is coaching Cindy on how to choose a goal and strategy for a student along with what to record in the conferring notebook.

Note, Gail was the first to notice an "oops." She should have referred to the goal as an Accuracy goal and explained the strategy of Cross checking as Do the pictures and words look right, sound right, and make sense?

Next, Gail and Cindy take a few minutes to reflect and debrief on the conference with Eva. While the class is engaged in Daily 5, they briefly discuss what they noticed, as well as possible next steps to help Eva achieve her reading goals. As they reflect together, Cindy records the conference date in the calendar and fills out the individual conferring sheet with the data she wants to remember.



Here is a copy of the notes she entered into the online conferring notebook. Please note: we have since updated out online conferring notebook name and website. Learn more here.

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