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Are you ready to set up or make over your classroom library? The following resources from our website may help: 

  • Are you ready to tackle your own classroom library? These seven steps will take your library from somewhat functional to fabulous. Then check out the way we organize our tubs, and view and download our tub labels. Once the tubs are organized, students as young as kindergarten can easily and independently keep the library neat and tidy. 
  • In A "Clear" Look at a Classroom Library, we invite you into a lovely classroom library in Opal School in Portland, Oregon. The clear tubs and labels keep books corralled and organized, and reduce the visual noise that can result from a plethora of mismatched tubs.   
  • Time for a little tidying up? This cleanup can be done before spring break or summer vacation. 
  • Need a bit more? Watch Gail and Joan help Carrie Osterloh achieve her dream of a beautiful, organized, and easily maintained classroom library

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