Organizing the Classroom Library

What is the state of your classroom library? Are you ready to take a look? Not just a peek, but an honest, heart to heart of the library look?

  • Are your students able to find good fit books they'll want to read?

  • Are your students successful at returning books where they belong?

  • Are the students managing the organization and upkeep of the library?

If your library could use a makeover, but you are wondering where to begin, you may be interested in this classroom library structure we learned from our friend Lori Sabo, who is a 1-2 classroom teacher and former school librarian.

Joan is going to talk you through the process which took a bit of time, but was totally worth it. We think it's as close to library nirvana as we can get. Books are organized by topics so students can quickly and easily find books of interest on a wide variety of subjects. Joan uses the word genre in the video, but you'll see books are organized by topics and authors as well as genre.

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