Checking In and Dismissing Students by Their Daily 5 Choices


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Nancie Atwell taught us Status of the Class in her renowned book, In the Middle: New Understandings About Writing, Reading, and Learning. It is this verbal commitment the students make that allows others to hear what their classmates are doing and what their plan is to move forward as a reader. It has become an important part of the Daily 5 structure. In this video, you'll get to peek into Cindy's third grade classroom as they check in after their first round of Daily 5. You'll notice a few tweaks Cindy has made to make this process go quickly and smoothly:

  • Students who select Read to Someone stay on the floor until the next person checks in with Read to Someone, then Cindy excuses them both.
  • Students who select another Daily 5 choice are excused right after checking in. 
  • Students have a Plan B ready in case their first choice is full.

We love that Cindy has refined the Check-In procedure to best meet the needs of this particular group of students. It is a great reminder that we are the experts, and should always feel free to do what is best for the children in our care.




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