Bye-Bye Busy Bulletin Board Borders


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Because we want the thinking and learning of students to be the focus throughout the room, we select and stick with one border color. Our preference is black. We like the simplicity of black and how beautifully it draws attention to whatever it frames. Sticking with one border not only saves money (we've used the same ones for years), but time, since we no longer feel compelled to change them with every season, holiday or specialized unit of study. So, if this way of thinking makes sense to you, what can you do with the borders you've collected over the years?

A formerly treasured border collection.  

Option 1: Give them away.

Option 2: Recycle them.

Option 3: Wrap around and staple to make crowns for a multitude of purposes: Birthdays, Holidays, Student of the Week, Helpers, etc!

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