CAFE Conferring Pensieve (CCPensieve)

This digital conferring notebook makes it easy to organize data, monitor student growth, provide curricular coherence, and differentiate instruction. 

You can rely on CCPensieve to keep track of student interactions, conferences, commitments, and next steps.  

CCPensieve makes it easy to:

  • get started with The CAFE Menu's reading goals and strategies, which are fully integrated;
  • manage and assess each student’s activities and progress;
  • maintain a history and time line of interventions and conferences for each student;
  • satisfy stakeholders who have an interest in student achievement and your effectiveness; and
  • plan your next steps with confidence.

Online advantages:

  • Real-time collaboration about individual students with all the adults who work with them. By the time they walk from your classroom to the next, your notes have arrived.
  • Easy access from laptops and tablets makes it truly mobile.
  • Secure, protected information is stored in the cloud, not on your device.

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