A New Spin on Exit Slips


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Exit slips are a quick and effective way to check on student understanding and progress. They also help us guide and tailor follow-up instruction. Karen Shannon explains how she organizes and uses exit slips in her classroom.

Listen and Watch

  • Karen explains how she organizes the exit slips. What in her discussion resonates with you? Why?
  • Listen as Karen explains the number system.
  • What value does Karen achieve through this system? How do you know?


  • Would you use the same organizational system? What might you change and why?
  • What value would you gain by implementing an exit slip system?
  • What would be the value to your students?

Essential Elements
8.1 Identify needs of students based on assessments and determine an instructional setting
8.6 Monitor progress
8.7 Modify instruction as needed

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