Calmly Signal Transitions with Chimes

We receive many inquiries about the chimes you see in photos and videos of our classrooms.

Unfortunately, we bought our Stannard brand chimes nearly twenty-five years ago when they were only $24. You don't need the Stannard brand, but we encourage you to shop for ones that have been tuned in order to avoid a tinny sound. They can be found in many garden shops. 

We have a few sets hanging in strategic locations (where we tend to stand to get student attention). Hanging wind chimes are more affordable than the table chimes you see in our Daily 5 book. 

Another option for signaling students is to use an app on a cell phone or other electronic device. Just search for “chimes” in your app store and you’ll find a wide variety of choices.

The main goal is a quiet and calming sound that doesn’t interrupt the tone of the room. Once the sound is introduced and expectations are communicated, students will learn that chimes signal time for a quick and quiet transition.