As most of you probably do, I have flourescent lighting in my classroom.  As a person with light sensitivity, it's intolerable and often I would just turn the lights off.  The children loved that and would ask me to turn them off.  Then, I discovered these:

They are so easy to use and changes the entire atmosphere in the classroom.  As other teachers came in, they noticed right away and ordered them for their own classrooms.  I just wanted to share this with you!






Thanks for sharing!  These would be a good alternative for those teachers whose schools frown on bringing in lamps. 

For some kids, it's the "sound" of flourescent lights that makes them a bit crazy :).  I can hear students give a collective sigh when the lights go off :).  If you have enough natural light in your rooms to provide for students to work by, give it a try with the lights off ;).  

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