The April 3 tip of the week is about adding a bit of fun to our time in the classroom. We want to hear how you add a bit of fun to your day. Let’s learn from each other!






Everyone in first grade has a job to do at the end of the day. I turn on some peppy, fun music, and as chores are finished, everyone meets in the gathering space for a dance party. Students get their chores done quickly so they can participate. It ends the day with fun, laughter, and a little exercise.

Kim Jorgensen

We do something similar for transitions. The students have selected a favourite Go Noodle clip - Pop Se Ko. I start the clip minimised so we can only hear the music. When this begins, we start packing up - singing as we go - ready to gather on the carpet for our next mini-lesson. Once everyone is ready, I maximise the clip and we all finish dancing together. The quicker we pack up, the more dancing we get!


That sounds like fun! I’m going to try it!

Michelle Jenkins

There are several fun things we do that come to mind in first grade:

  • Playing various Dr. Jean’s songs during brain breaks and mini lessons to enhance learning skills and promote activity and motion with learning
  • On April Fool’s Day I asked the students if they wanted to have a “brownie” and they soon found out I had offered a “brown E” (a di-cut of the letter E that is brown)! The next day I offered them a true brownie
  • Cooking and baking together is always fun. Blends math with language arts. One time I had parents bring in food to cook from their country of origin. This was a great success!
  • Last week we took our math test on Time on the outside steps with our clipboards and pencils.
  • Play all sorts of chimes, maracas, bells, etc, as consistent messages throughout the day to mark transition times.
  • We created kites with fractions on them and wrote about the fractions we made. We then got to fly our own kites outside for a 5 minute break!
  • Playing classical music from all over the world during Writer’s Workshop time.
  • For our poem of the week, one day every week we read the poem using silly voices of our choice (slow motion, country style, British style, super fast, monster style, baby, etc). This is a big hit!

These are just a few ideas!


You are a master at fun! They are going to remember that brownie joke forever!

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