We have two grade 9 teachers in one of our High Schools using the Daily 5. They would REALLY like to connect with any other High Schools that are also using the Daily 5.






Here’s a little to a little article on the Daily 5 site if you haven’t seen it already. We’ll keep looking for other resources for you, and hopefully, you’ll hear from other teachers in your situation. It can work, for sure!!

Ann Hockenberry

I’m not in a high school environment but am a middle school teacher. I’d appreciate hearing from anyone teaching in a secondary setting. I am just beginning this journey. I work in a day treatment setting with students exhibiting severe emotional and behavioral disorders. All are below grade level in reading and writing achievement. I’m taking the online class right now and it’s been helpful but the attendees are mostly early elementary. So, it’s good to see your postings and know you and others are out there.

Selina Gervais

I work at a Private High School, in Canada, for students with Learning Delays and ADHD. We are trying to implement the Daily 5, CAFE and Math Daily 3. I’ve used it at the Elementary School level, but I am limited in my Middle School and High School knowledge. I am looking for more tips and resources.


I think if you use all the knowledge and experience you have about Daily 5 in your Elementary School experience, you’ll find that it will work well with the students you have now :). Of course, time limits may change your overall set up. Although the Sisters suggest that older students need to do Read to Self and Writing daily, your students may still need Word Work and the good modeling of Listening to Reading (maybe you could bring in reading from content areas). Perhaps you could alternate two choices each day.
I really think Daily 5 is a great plus for kids with ADHD, as they know the jobs will change, and you can help them develop a personal agenda or schedule–you also might want to read on the website about “Barometer Children”, and think about how you could adapt the ideas there for your older students.
It sounds very exciting, and I hope you will share back here with your learnings and "Aha’s!!

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