Two Refinements for a Quick Check-In


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In this first video, you will see how Savannah has her students check in with their Daily 5 choices. In the second video, Janet debriefs with Savannah and discusses the refinement of counting.

Listen and Watch

Do you see the refinements? Really, anything that is new to each viewer is a refinement. We had never seen anyone do a silent countdown with their fingers to let the students know they have five seconds to say which Daily 5 task they are choosing. If in five seconds they can’t decide, Savannah gently says, “I’ll come back” and moves on to the next student. 

The second refinement Savannah models is where to start on the class list. Notice she doesn’t start at the top. Each rotation, she moves down one student. She always goes in the same order, but this way, every student gets an equal opportunity to check in first. 


What refinements did you notice? Maybe you saw that Savannah released students as soon as they checked in, or how the student who chose Read to Someone came up front and waited for another person to choose Read to Someone so they could become partners.

Essential Element

Daily 5 Choice

  • Choice  6.2 Keep track of choices during check-in
  • Choice  6.1 Order of tasks

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