Launching Math Daily 3 with the First of Three Launching Charts


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This will be the first of 3 Launching Charts for introducing Math Daily 3 to our students. Notice the connection to The Daily 5 of Reading.

There are three components to launching Math Daily 3:

Three Components:

  1. Teaching how to build and maintain stamina while working with math tools/games/activities, through The 10 Steps of Teaching and Learning Independence
  2. Teaching math games
  3. Building the Math Daily 3 Board

Components One and Two:

Beginning the first day of school and continuing on for approximately five days, we teach the whole class a math game each day. Students play the game. We then add each new game title to our Math Daily 3 board under one of the corresponding headings. (Paper Practice, Number Games, Fact Games, Strategy Games, Problem Solving or Math Tools) See related articles below for some suggested math games.

Component Three:

We then teach students how to build stamina and maintain independence with math tools using the 10 Steps of Teaching and Learning Independence for Math Tools.

These steps are explained here in Math Daily 3 Launching Chart: Days 1 through 5 - Math Tools

Keep In Mind

The whole group math lesson resembles our teaching of reading the first day of school, starting with a whole group lesson from The CAFE? Menu, adding the strategy to the CAFE? Board and then teaching and building stamina using the 10 steps of Teaching and Learning Independence for Read to Self.

One of the biggest challenges we run into as the year goes on with Math Daily 5?is the noise level of students as they work with tools. Many of the activities require a partner, so the combination of tools and friends can be a recipe for noise. We address the noise level on Day One as we brainstorm the most desirable behaviors, with working quietly as one of the 'must have' behaviors on the list. Then it becomes a matter of stopping and bringing the group back if the noise level exceeds the expectation. Knowing that noise level can be an issue, it becomes extremely important these first days of launching Math Daily 5?to identify for the class what the appropriate sound level is, and then teaching, practicing and reinforcing this level.

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