Getting Started with . . . Ask Questions Throughout the Reading Process


Readers who ask questions during reading are actively engaged and thus tend to remember important details and information. While asking questions, readers monitor their understanding of what they are reading. 

When teaching this strategy, use the Ready Reference Guide and review required standards to see the depth of instruction needed. What do students need to be able to do? Then, use the instruction protocol along with a chosen book to teach the strategy in the desired setting. Need a model lesson? Find it here

See it in action watch Holle's lesson, and download her graphic organizer to help students visualize the process of asking questions before, during, and after reading.

Another way to introduce this strategy to your students or to review it with them later, is to have them listen to Miss Hadley, our Kid Teacher, explain (in her own words) how she uses it. 

After students have learned the what, why, and how of Asking questions throughout the reading process, they need time to practice.  

Give the strategy bookmark to students who are working on this strategy. It will remind them what the strategy is, and how to use it successfully when reading. 

You can also help support their learning at home by providing caregivers with a Parent Pipeline. This Pipeline provides a brief description of the strategy with a few ideas for how they can help from home. 

When a reader demonstrates effective use of the strategy, consistently, it is time to layer on a new strategy. You may wish to use one of the assessment options provided below, in conjuction with the 1–4 rubric scale, as a means to assess student learning of the strategy.

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