Our “Reading Room” is making many efforts to support those students struggling in reading and writing. Unfortunately, the students that need the most extra practice at home are either prohibited from this support due to poverty issues or student unwillingness to read at home with the parent or an older sibling. Any innovative ideas to help this practice begin and continue at home (rewards? yep! parent workshops? yep! outreach? yep!) and/or make it happen “in-house” would be MUCH appreciated!!






We all have those kiddos who don’t get support from home, for sure, and I “feel your pain”.
One idea we have tried is to find “in-house” mentors for those kids. It can be teachers who are willing to give up even 10 minutes of their planning time a few times a week, as well as our secretaries, custodians and counselors.
Another way we’ve found “listeners” is to have Buddy Classes, where 5th graders and 3rd graders, 4th and 1st, 2nd and Kdg (or how ever it works out for you) have a time each week when the older kids both read to and listen to their younger partners.
It’s difficult to change habits at home, but we can find extra support at school.

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