So excited to be here! I teach Kindergarten at a small Spanish Immersion School in northern CA and I would love to start discussion on Spanish Immersion and Daily 5/Cafe. I have done Daily 5 for 3 years (except for choice, that’s next year, I’m ready!) I was able to go to the Daily 5 conference in San Jose this past April! Amazing! Questions I have for immersion educators are these: How do you organize class library, (spanish labels, categories)? Spanish vocab you use, (Diario 5, lenguaje de grupo, 5 diario)? What do you use for Check for understanding? No me gusta cheqear por entender. Anyway, just to start a dialogue of successes and challenges with Spanish immersion would be great! BTW I love Daily 5/Cafe for Spanish immersion, it’s wonderful!






I’m also anxious to hear the ideas you get from others! We have Spanish Immersion at my school, starting in first grade. Many of the teachers use Daily 5/CAFE, and appreciate the Spanish tools available here on the website.
In my position, I get to visit their rooms, so I will share what I see and they have told me. They organized their class libraries by categories/favorite authors, in Spanish with pictures to give clues (just as you can see here in English https://www.thedailycafe.com/articles/reorganizing-a-classroom-library ).
They use the book selections the teacher is reading with them to check for understanding, allowing responses in English until their Spanish vocabulary has developed enough to respond in Spanish–varies student to student.
They also feel Daily 5/CAFE works wonderfully for Sp Immersion, as it allows time to experience the language in guided and independent work.
Again, I’m anxious to hear others’ ideas to share with my fellow teachers.

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