Hi All,

I have a few students who can read beyond the first 100 Fry’s word list. What is the next step? Do they continue to read until they get to a word list they don’t know? Do they master spelling them before they move on?

Thank you!






I’m assuming your kiddos are 1st graders? I’d move on to the second 200 words. Spelling them is a completely different expectation :).


Sorry, I didn’t read carefully-- you have kinders. My response would be the same, though. Work on the second hundred words–learning to identify them by sight is our goal here. The reason they are “sight words” is that many of them have irregular spellings. This skill will come later, through the use of word walls and reading the words MANY times.


Have you seen the App for iPads simply called “Fry Words”? It’s simple to use and you can set the speed and have the words read or not. The kids like it a lot.

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