I need a good research based article on the benefits of focus lessons. Any suggestions?






Gail and Allison just posted this on the Facebook page. There is a section in there about the length of lessons, and keeping students engaged.

The Hechinger Report – 4 Dec 17

Teachers often ask youngsters to learn in ways that exceed even adult-sized...

Distracted students are the bane of teachers. In surveys, teachers complain about students walking around the classroom, talking with peers, staring at the walls and fidgeting with their clothes — anything but paying attention to the lesson or the...

Also, most brain research about education stated that a student’s attention is about as long as s/he is old. :).

Jody Jarding

I saw that! I have it saved and ready to use. Thank you! It isn’t exactly what I’m looking for, but I may be able to make it work. I would love an article about the brain research to keep it the age of student and/or keep it very targeted to strategy.


Maybe this one? Scroll down to the section Normal Attention by Age:

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