In thanks to all who have been kind enough to answer my questions so far and in a small attempt to help out fellow teachers, I am sharing my adapted conferring schedule. I like the someone’s idea of having a two week schedule so you don’t have to write the dates and I think that will help me easily visualize the frequency of my meetings. However, I am anticipating a large class (needed more student slots than on the other forms) and I also wanted to easily view the frequency of my group meetings so I divided up those areas. See the key at the bottom for how I envision recording this and making both these conferences visible but distinct. I also liked someone’s idea of circling when students had the opportunity to share so I added that to the key at the bottom. I think both of these will help to make it easy to record data. But beware, I am new to this so it is untested. If you are interested you can find the Word form at this link (you do not need a dropbox account to access it):

I left it in word instead of a pdf so you could type in your students’ names and then print copies to avoid having to rewrite student names on new forms. You probably will not be able to fit both first and last name in the student area. The text there will be small but you can play with the font and see what works for you. It has a margin on the right so it can be on the left in a 3 ring notebook. I added the week # as that is how I keep track of my master curriculum plan and wanted to be able to relate the form to this.

Again, it is untested so I don’t know if will be helpful - it is editable so you can make your own changes. Let me know if it is useful or if you come up with an improvement as I would love to learn from you. Best wishes for a great year!






Thanks for sharing!!

Michelle Jenkins

Thank you for this! I love how you formatted this and how it fits so well onto one page for both reading and writing. Looks practical, and seems easy to get a quick glance at conferences and small groups. Nice to have this option for record-keeping. Thanks again

Robin Wooten

I also made a conferring schedule that is a little less busy because it does not include the small group schedule. it can be downloaded at this link:

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