For the unfamiliar: a multilevel text is a text that has more than one version, each published at a different reading level.

I recently discovered Reading A-Z’s multilevel texts and I am a big fan of using them in my grade 3 science and social studies lessons. Unfortunately, Reading A-Z’s selection is very small. I am wondering if someone could please recommend a more comprehensive resource? Your recommendations are much appreciated!






One of the great resources we use for multilevel text are from National Geographic school resources. They are called “Theme Sets”–Differentiated Instruction at its Best. Each kit includes 8 copies of 4 books centered around a specific topic, such as Animals in Their Habitats. Although they are written at four different levels, and have different titles, the structure of the books is exactly the same. For example, if you “turn to page 17” in each of the books you will see a map. On page 24, everyone will have a list of “big ideas”.
The wording is appropriate to the reading level, but the same concepts are taught. Therefore, you can do some work as whole group then move into small groups based on the reading abilities of the group.
They contain the same quality photos that we see in all Nat Geo materials, and our teachers from grades 3-5 have used them for years. Along with other teachers from my school, they would come highly recommended.
Here’s a link to check out. There are about 20 or so kits for Science and Social Studies.


Another source you might check out, although it might be a bit too high for you 3rd graders is Newsela. It’s a FREE site that is pretty amazing. There are current event and historical topics you can choose from. Then you can ask for the articles to be written at 4 different lexile levels. There are even ways you can print quizzes, activities, etc, if you’re looking for all that. You can use a teacher tool to keep track of all kinds of things.
Check it out, and if it is too difficult for you kiddos, share it with teachers 4th and 5th grades (and above).

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