When I look at the literacy lessons, the books are great resources and perfect for short period classes. However, the lessons seem to be geared for 4th and below. They seem to just focus on introducing basic skills that my students already have. Are there lessons geared more for junior high and I’m just missing them?






The original design of the menu was for elementary grades, but as our knowledge grew to readers of all ages, our thinking has expanded. The link below is to a menu with the Common Core correlations for Grade 7, with links there for 6th grade and 8th grade.
As the article there states, we probably are moving away from many of the Accuracy Strategies, but certainly many of the Comprehension, Vocabulary and Fluency strategies will be applicable, using texts at the appropriate levels for students at these levels.
I think a good way to think about this is to visualize the strategies with a different degree of sophistication.
So . . . if you take the Lit Lessons or Book Looks to a higher level of sophistication, I think a lot of them can be used as examples of a particular way to look at literature. Then you can apply that thinking to a novel or piece of expository text you’re using to make the same point.
I was at a workshop where the presenter took nursery rhymes, such as Mary had a Little Lamb, and she talked with us about using inferencing, cause and effect, etc with that bit of literature. This helped me see how we can adjust the learning to the reader.

Dawn Willberg

Thank you! That makes sense. I will look at it from that angle.

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