Hello! I am looking for some direction around implementing the Daily 2 or 3 and the CAFE into a Jr. High School. Our provincial tests have reflected a need to address reading and I feel this may be the way to go, as I have had success with it at the upper elementary level. Most importantly will be the by in by the Jr. High staff and the willingness to let students have some reading time everyday. Any insights would be welcomed!






Have you read any of Nancy Atwell’s work? Her work has been done at the middle school level who’s an award winning teacher and author. The Sisters refer to her work a lot, and if you read her writings, you’ll see they fit right in with the Daily 5 and CAFE.
Here’s a link to an article about her that the Sisters posted on their Facebook page.

Washington Post

The ‘most powerful’ classroom innovation — by the $1 million teaching prize...

'When reformers discuss how to improve U.S. education, innovation is a word they use a lot, preceded by the modifier technological: innovation gets defined as devices and apps. But as a growing body of research has begun to question whether tablets,...

Denise Litke

Thank you for the link. I will be checking it out!

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