I have the opportunity to attend a live workshop by the 2 Sisters. If you’ve attended one, can you tell me a bit about it? Did you find it to be valuable?








Oh my!! I’ve been to several and always come away inspired and “fired-up” to improve my Daily 5/CAFE plan!!

Roberta Clarke

I had the opportunity to attend their workshop in Las Vegas in Nov. 2014. It was one of the BEST workshops I have ever attended. At our school, we a number of us are really getting into the Daily 5 and Café. I plan on attending another workshop because there is so much to take in that I am sure I missed some things. We also do online webinars and I am hoping to take the graduate courses in Daily 5 and Café.
Yes, I highly recommend this workshop. It is motivating, inspirational, practical, useful and makes sense in every classroom.
Good luck!

Robyn Young

I would heartily recommend it. I read the book and tried to implement Daily 5 on my own for at least 5 years and was never successful. After attending the live workshop, I had a much clearer understanding of what to do and how to do it. Many of my colleagues have been inspired by how fired up my teammate and I are now and by the changes we have made. I keep telling them “I can’t teach it to you, the book can’t teach it to you, you NEED to go to see the 2 Sisters”. Go - you won’t regret it!!!

Arlene Poulos

Oh yes…don’t pass up the opportunity. I have gone twice. The best workshop I have ever been too.

Beth Rzeszut

Yes, it was amazing! You should most definitely go- they are great speakers with such a practical way of presenting not to mention all of the little “freebies” that they handed out! Best workshop that I have ever attended.

Kristy Dearden

I hope you got to go. I had the chance to go June 6 and 7 in Charlotte, NC. It was AMAZING–best workshop I have ever been to, so worth the money and I am so excited and inspired to start the new year!!!

Pamela Kallmyer

I’ve been to Daily 5, and Cafe and would love to go to math! They are so energizing and have such wonderful ideas! I wish they would come to my area of the country more often! You will not regret going!

Debbie Waskiewich

I went to the first workshop they did in Edmonton, Alberta and I learned so much in one day, even though I had been using Daily 5 for about 3 years! I’m am pleased to see that The Sisters are presenting in Alberta at least once a year. Luckily, the administration at my school covers registration costs for at least 4 staff members to attend each event and is willing to do the same for those of us who wish to go again! In a nutshell - GO! GO! GO!

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