I have been fortunate enough to see the Sisters in person for training. I am wondering if the online seminars would be good courses to take to gain more information or if they are very similar to in person training.







A lot of the information presented during the seminars will be similar or just like what you heard in the face-to-face. Some benefits of doing a seminar after attending the face to face workshop are to clarify any items you’re not sure about, to hear from other teachers–their questions and thoughts and to have another view of the information.
I have to tell you that I’ve done a few fact to face workshops and have gone through the seminars–and every time I get new knowledge and ideas of different ways to make my teaching and my students’ learning stronger and more engaging.

Teina Pitawanakwat

I am wondering how long the 'Behavior Strategies' online seminar is?


Each seminar, including the new Behavior Strategies, has four weeks of lessons, and is designed to take about a month.  Participants can complete the seminar more quickly if they choose, or can break it up as is convenient.  Happy to answer any other questions you might have :).  


Nancy Burns

I missed the first webinar due to unexpected events.  Is the seminar available to access now?  I have the new book and would reallly like to get as much coaching information as I can/


I register on the Daily 5 course on April 1st and already finished module 1, then I decided to register on the Behavior Strategies yesterday because I really love these courses but still did not get the email to access. I am really worried because I don't want to be left behind and unable to complete the course.

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