I can’t attend a workshop and I am just starting out with Daily 5. Do you think starting with the seminar will be helpful?





Abby Alejo

I haven’t taken one of the seminars, but I started last year by reading the Daily 5 and CAFE books. They were both so well written and helpful as I started out. They guided you step by step and there is always the Daily CAFE Discussion Board available if you have any questions or concerns. I was able to attend the two day workshops this summer and they were one of the best I’ve ever attended.

Ann Hockenberry

I signed up for the seminars even though I took the class through the UIU. I had implemented Daily 5 prior to the course but didn’t apply all the things necessary to be successful. It’s important to do the whole package even if we sometimes want to skip things we may view as not a big deal. Even the small things are a big deal. I am solo in my building and want to make sure I’m on track this year with the implementation. The course was great - take it as professional development if you can - my district paid for it. They are also paying for the seminars. Approach your building principal to see if it’s a possibility. The collaboration in the course was fantastic and I expect the seminar to be the same. Have a wonderful, wonderful year!


Along with what was said about the two books being so easily followed and understood, I think it might be helpful as you read them to use the book study formats the Sisters prepared. They are here on the website at thew links below:
Daily 5 (2nd Ed):
Even if you’re working by yourself, thinking about what they highlight in the book study will help clarify questions you might have. Also, don’t forget about checking here on the website for supportive videos.
And, of course, here on the Discussion Board is a place to get teachers’ opinions and helpful hints.

Michelle Jenkins

Yes! Attending a seminar is absolutely helpful. I took the Math Daily 3 Seminar last February and it really helped answer a lot of questions I had about implementing the math mini lessons, math daily 3, and math groups and individual conferencing. It was especially helpful because the seninar provided resources (articles, website links, research findings, videos) that supported my learning along the way. Also, personal assistance was there along the way with e-mail communication or asking questions on the seminar’s site. At the end of the seminar, the instructors (including the two sisters) asked for any questions we had. They recorded themselves (through technology all the instructors were present) to answer all of our questions. This helped tremendously and really provided a personal connection to my learning needs. Hands down the seminars are great!

Jill Erb

I attended the 2 day conference this summer and left with such excitement to begin implementing CAFE in my classroom. I had been using the Daily 5 but found it wasn’t in the manner that could work to the best of the students’ (and my) advantage.
Loved the Sisters and their families!

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