I am looking for some tips on the best way to use the book boxes. I wanted to find the little totes but cannot anywhere. I also couldn’t find the cardboard magazine holders at IKEA. Any suggestions? I am thinking of reusable bags but I am concerned they will be a nuisance on the backs of chairs. I don’t have a lot of space in my classroom. I am also thinking it is best to have the book box at my student’s desks at all time for availability. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thank you!






Some of the teachers in our first grade classrooms use book bags from Really Good Stuff. On the classroom white board, there is a metal rail that the teachers drill holes big enough for a “s” hook to go into. The hooks hold the bags with books in them really well, and they don’t take up much useable space at all. I know this may be hard to get a mental image of, so I’ll try to remember to take a picture to add later.
Lakeshore Teacher Supply has a lightweight frame that holds 12 narrow book boxes (which they also sell).

Lisa Martin

Aussie Pouches have worked really well for me. I only allow the students to put their I PICK books in them. They are durable and washable. They fade out a little like a pair of jeans. They are pricey but last.

karen williams

I use tote bags from really good stuff. They r very durable and have been using them for years.

Janet Frazier

I also use the Really Good Stuff bags for my two kindergarten classes. To save space I hang them all on a metal shelved movable bar rack from IKEA (I think it was under $30). My a.m. class on one side and p.m. on the other. The bags hold up well all year and the kids can easily find their bags when it is their reading time. On the shelves I can stack ABC puzzles for word work. Hope that helps.

Sharon Bendle

I ordered great book boxes from
Nice and bright, really easy to put together and more importantly, great value.

Sally Sewell

I am just about to buy my class book boxes and am wondering now that you have used these boxes for a few months how durable did you find them and would you use them again, or would you choose a different style.

Melody Rae

I purchased flat back cardboard magazine holders. they were white and kids got to color them to personalize. Next year I will buy sturdy magazine boxes as the other bottoms fell out, even with taping. My room is also used for parent meetings and when the dads in the back stepped behind the last bench to stretch their legs, they crushed the boxes.
I used Linen bags from Oriental Trading one year but boxes are easier for me to help them manage.

Deeann Downs

I bought clear plastic storage bins from Walmart. I removed the blue plastic handles and tossed the lid. I printed off clear labels with each students number on it. I have my fifth graders store their self selected books and reader’s notebook in each bin. I store the bins on wire shelves I also purchased from Walmart. I have a teacher friend who lines the wall with these same book boxes. I also used these boxes in my classroom library. they are perfect for sorting both picture books and chapter books. The bonus is I am able to buy one or two each time I make a trip grocery shopping and I have also special ordered them in larger quantities when I first started my classroom library.

Michelle Jenkins

I’ve used plastic baskets from the Dollar store. I printed off pictures of my students and taped their picture with their name to the basket. They hold up pretty well and I’ve been able to use them from year to year. When one breaks (usually due to a child putting in too many books!) I have some on hand to replace. They are stored at the student cubbies. What’s neat about the baskets is that students are able to quickly access the books, and the baskets can easily be moved from place to place, such as carrying them to their book buddies’ classroom. They are also sturdy enough to hold a lot. Here’s a photo of the book boxes in my first grade classroom:

IMG_1257.JPG2131x2066 1.22 MB

Karen Young

I know this may sound tacky, but I used shoe boxes when I taught kindergarten. Each student had their own box (with a top) and they were able to decorate them, too. We placed each child’s box in his/her cubby. They are also stackable if you do not have cubbies. When one wears out, there is always another one to take its place. I save all of my shoe boxes, asked students to bring a shoe box and also asked other teachers to bring shoe boxes. That way we were sure to have enough. My students loved them and they belonged to them. When we made books, they stored them in the box and they were theirs to take home at the end of the year. I had a parent tell me not long ago that her child is in high school and still has his little box with his books in it and that when he was in first and second grade, he regularly got out his box and read those books.

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