Transferred without notice to a new school - a 40 minute drive from my home, to teach 1st graders!   A huge change!

I've been to my classroom, students arrive after the Septemer long weekend.   I have two weeks left to prepare.   The past teacher left the room decorated and word wall up....I have modified it all, and am trying to place my tables (& 4 desks).  I will have several Educational Support staff to work with, but have been told I MUST have planning binders for them.  I am unsure how to do this as in the past, with very little EA assistance, I just went from week to week and sometimes day to day from an outline, which we both worked together on to fill in any gaps.   This will be a challenge for me as I am unsure of the "exact" requirements.

As any of you reading this may have gathered, I am way out of my comfort zone here.....hoping and praying that I can get organized in time to pull this off and give these littles a wonderful First grade experience@!  Help?? 






First of all--breathe :).  Bellieve it or not, you can do this!!  We just had a PD at my ditrict about how "You have to go in to go out", basically meaning you have to know yourself and what's important to you and stay true to that (without making others upset if possible), and then you can share your ideals and goals with others . Here's a short but powerful little article about using paraprofessionals in your class that might get you started in your thinking. 


If possible, maybe you can create their "notebooks" with your goals and how you work with kids.  I love in this article that it reinforces having the paras working with students who are not at risk, freeing you up to work with those kiddos . 


Visit us often with challenges you are facing, I'm sure you'll hear supportive ideas from othermembers.  


Thanks, Suzanne.   Yes, it turns out that I have and EST daily for 1st period and Ed Associates for the balance of each day.   My numbers change daily...(I've gone from 14 to 17 and we haven't even started yet!  :)  ) and I really like the idea of a notebook or binder for the children who need extra support, with pages in it for other students that the EST or EA's may work with too.     We start tomorrow and the students arrive on September 2nd.   Exciting!   - Bev


Keep us posted on how it's going!  I'm sure others are facing some of the same challenges.  


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