10 Steps to Launch Listen to Reading

Through this systematic, explicit teaching, all students develop independence and build stamina for this valuable activity that models fluent, expressive reading, introduces new vocabulary, and provides access to books above a student’s reading level.

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Once you've taught the Foundation Lessons of Listen to Reading, you're ready to launch using the 10 Steps of Teaching and Learning Independence.

Launch Listen to Reading and Word Work last because there are not have enough materials for the whole class to practice and build stamina. Once foundation lessons have been taught, launch using the 10 Steps to Teaching and Learning Independence.

  1. Identify what is to be taught: Listen to Reading
  2. Set a purpose: Create a sense of urgency
    • Best way to become better readers
    • Helps us learn and understand new words
    • It is fun
  3. Identify the behaviors of Listen to Reading on I-chart
  4. Model most-desirable behaviors
  5. Model least-desirable, then most-desirable behaviors (same student)
  6. Students check in; teacher places students around the room
  7. Practice and build stamina
  8. Stay out of the way; when necessary, confer and set behavior goals
  9. Use a quiet signal—come back to group
  10. Group check-in: “How did it go?” Graph stamina

Notice: Omit steps 6 and 7. Continue with students choosing and checking in for Read to Self, Work on Writing, and Read to Someone. Add a limited number of students choosing and checking in with Listen to Reading or Word Work to each Daily 5 round.

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