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Welcome and thanks for being here to read with me!

These videos are for you, a reader! I'm going to teach you behaviors to keep reading fun and important.

Come back any day, and I’ll be here to read with you.

Your Reading Buddy,

Read for 1 Minute

VIDEO 1 OF 8: 8m 54s

  • Lesson: The 7 Behaviors of Reading to Yourself
  • 1 minute of reading begins at 6:20.

Read for 3 Minutes

VIDEO 2 OF 8: 8min 17s

  • Lesson: Three Ways to Read a Book
  • 3 minutes of reading begins at 3:05.

Read for 5 Minutes

VIDEO 3 OF 8: 11m 29s

  • Lesson: Check for Understanding and Reread and Read Again
  • 5 minutes of reading begins at 3:10.

Read for 10 Minutes

VIDEO 4 OF 8: 18m 31s

  • Lesson: Stamina Chart to record number of minutes of reading
  • 10 minutes of reading begins at 4:30.

Read for 15 Minutes

VIDEO 5 OF 8: 21m 33s

  • Lesson: Review Check for Understanding—reading is thinking
  • 15 minutes of reading begins at 2:55.

Read for 20 Minutes

VIDEO 6 OF 8: 29m 22s

  • Lesson: Word Collector to keep track of interesting words
  • 20 minutes of reading begins at 4:00.

Read for 25 Minutes

VIDEO 7 OF 8: 36m 17s

  • Lesson: Reading Log on Stamina Chart and share your reading
  • 25 minutes of reading begins at 5:22.

Read for 30 Minutes

VIDEO 8 OF 8: 43m 20s

  • Lesson: Varied reading materials and share your reading.
  • 30 minutes of reading begins at 6:00.

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Book References

Special thanks to the following authors and publishers for the texts referenced in the videos.

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