Pursuing Progress


Lori Sabo

March 29, 2024

The words above have been percolating in my mind ever since I heard Kevin O’Leary speak them to investor seekers on an episode of Shark Tank.

Goal setting is a big part of Prepared Classroom. Students declare goals based on assessments and employ strategies in an effort to reach them.

How might the simple addition of a timetable affect their growth? It’s one of those small shifts we make that can lead to big results.

For instance, 

“Andrew, how long do you think it will take you to finish this Magic Tree House book?” 
“I don't know.” 
“How many pages are you reading each day?” 
“Um. Let's see.” 
After thumbing through the book, he discovers that he is reading about 12 pages a day. 
“So, Andrew, there are 80 pages and you are on page 56. If you read 12 pages today and 12 pages tomorrow, you'll be able to finish this whole book by tomorrow afternoon. I am going to make an appointment with you on my calendar for the day after that so we can see if all your predictions came true or if Mary Pope Osborne surprised you.”

The timetable adds a little more accountability and might be just the boost students need to accelerate their progress. And because I’ve written the notes in my conferring notebook, I’m ready to be focused and intentional next time we meet. 

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