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CAFE Menus are an integral part of the literacy life in our classrooms. They are composed of three things:

  • The CAFE headings
  • Space for strategies that will be taught whole group
  • Space for students to declare their goals

Before we build the menu together, CAFE headings are the initial focal point of the board and the literacy learning. We want the CAFE Menu to look professional and worthy of the prominent place it holds. One of our team members, Madeline Boushey, has a passion for design and has created CAFE Menu headings we can all use. Knowing that we are passionate about choice, she has designed a few, so you can select the one that best resonates with you.

We’ll add to these periodically, so check back for new designs or watch the Tip of the Week, where we will announce when new designs are available.

CAFE Menu choices


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