Mirette On The High Wire by Emily Arnold McCully


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Julie Thompson

Mirette becomes fascinated by Bellini, a retired high-wire walker who is staying as a guest in her mother’s boardinghouse. When he teaches her how to walk on the high wire, they both learn valuable lessons about courage and friendship. This Caldecott Medal winner is based on a true story.

Possible Strategy Instruction: 

C: Use prior knowledge to connect with text.
C: Predict what will happen; use text to confirm.
C: Compare and contrast within and between text.

A: Cross Checking . . . Do the pictures and/or words look right? Do they sound right? Do they make sense? 
A: Flip the sound. 

F: Use punctuation to enhance phrasing and prosody.

E: Tune In to interesting words and use new vocabulary in speaking and writing. 

Click below to download the four-page lit lesson by Julie Thompson. 

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