Math Games—Valuable Informal Assessment Opportunities


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Math games are an engaging and enjoyable way to apply mathematical skills. Not only do children enjoy playing math games, but these activities provide opportunities for students to deepen conceptual understanding, problem solve, and develop fact fluency, and they're a non-threatening assessment giving us a glimpse into their thinking and skill level as they play. 

For instance, Carson is playing a game designed to help students develop counting-on skills. Students are to roll the dice (one with a number, the other with dots) and after determining the total, cover the corresponding number on the game board. It will take you less than 10 seconds to discover, as we did, that Carson didn't understand how to play at all. We will sit, reteach the game, and then continue to gather important information to help move Carson along in his mathematical journey. 

If you are looking for engaging math games and activities, check out the selections for Math by Myself, Math with Someone, and Math Writing under the six different domain headings on our Activities page


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