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This simple math game is not only easy to set up, but it can be expanded to fit all ages.

In this video, Joan's kindergarten students are playing a simple math game. On her Math Daily 5 board, Joan listed this game under the Paper Practice heading. Since many of her students came to school not recognizing or writing numbers, this game provided a simple way to practice. Students spin the spinner, which Joan ordered or create your own, then record the number on the blank square grid newsprint.

As children become proficient, the difficulty level can be increased by making it a Fact Game. For children beginning to work on basic addition, students spin, write down the first number, then spin again, writing the second number, forming an addition sentence to solve. Joan has those students write their number sentences on a blank piece of newsprint, and always has manipulatives available for solving support The number sentences can be manipulated by changing the numbers on the spinners or utilizing two spinners, one with lower digits one with higher digits.

For older students, the game can be revised to provide practice with multiplication, division, fractions, double digit addition, subtraction, integers, etc. The ideas are limitless since the spinners can be changed, multiple spinners introduced, and spinners with varying mathematical symbols (=,-,x) can be used to meet the needs of the learners in the room.


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