Lori's 2019 Picture Books 10 for 10


On August 10, people all over the globe celebrate 10 of their favorite picture books of the year. I couldn’t bear to eliminate one of these, so here, in alphabetical order, are 11 of my favorites from this year. Have comments or questions? Find me on Twitter @lorilovesbooks. And if you want to fill up your “to be read” list, enter #pb10for10 on Twitter and you’ll discover a myriad of titles that are just right for you. 

Because by Mo Willems

This is quite unlike other Mo Willems books I have loved, but every bit as worthy of admiration. It is beautiful and inspiring, and will make everyone think about the journey we are on and how ripple effects can be far-reaching.

The Bell Rang by James E. Ransome

That something so simple can be so powerful is brilliant beyond measure. Filled with heartbreak and hope, this book is moving and simply stunning.

My Heart by Corinna Luyken

Another perfect example of how something very simple can be deeply profound. This one will easily launch thoughtful discussions.

The Neighbors by Einat Tsarfati

I made up a colorful story about a mysterious neighbor when I was a child, so I could really relate to this. Readers will love the surprise ending.

Ruby’s Sword by Jacqueline Véissid

My brother and I grew up with blanket forts, stick swords, and avoiding the places on the floor that were hot lava, so I could totally relate to this charming story.

Say Something! by Peter H. Reynolds

Whether it’s by actions or words, one single voice can truly make a difference.

The Truth About Bears: Seriously Funny Facts About Your Favorite Animals by Maxwell Eaton III

This book is great fun, very informative, and filled with places to make inferences.

What Is Given from the Heart by Patricia C. McKissack

When I finished reading this, I could only write the following in my Goodreads review: “Contented sigh and tears in my eyes.”

When Sadness Is at Your Door by Eva Eland

I’m finding more and more that we need to teach emotional awareness and regulation. This book gently explores how sadness may at times be part of our lives.

The Yellow Suitcase by Meera Sriram

A lovely story about grieving the loss of a loved one. The emotions ring very true, leading readers through all the stages of grief.

You Are Your Strong by Danielle Dufayet

The Amazon summary begins with “Soothing and empowering,” which is exactly right. A perfect addition to any classroom that wants to help students deal with and navigate big emotions.

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