Introducing . . . Essential Elements

July 28, 2017

Dear Colleagues,

The call to implement new initiatives, frameworks, or programs in our classroom is all too familiar to us. And typically, when we apply something new, we are left with the questions “Am I implementing this correctly? Am I doing what is best for my students?” Although it can be energizing and enlightening to redesign our practice, it can also be challenging, because we have many responsibilities to consider and requirements to meet.

Daily 5, Math Daily 3, and CAFE are definitive frameworks that are also flexible. They look different in every classroom because teaching styles, students, requirements, and resources are widely diverse. However, there are elements of all three frameworks that are essential—thus, the creation of the Essential Elements. These documents are not intended to be used for evaluative purposes, but rather as tools to help you assess your knowledge and application of each element and its supporting behaviors.

The Elements fit into four stages:

  1. Understand—Uncover the research and background leading to the framework’s development. When the purpose aligns with your philosophy, you will be compelled to prepare, teach, and support while using the framework.
  2. Prepare—Identify the materials and enhancements necessary to organizing an environment that promotes a successful launch.
  3. Teach—Learn the instructional moves that make up the unique framework.
  4. Support—Discover teaching strategies that reinforce desired behaviors and sustain the framework in action.

Start with Element 1, behavior 1.1, and assess your knowledge level. Remember, there are no wrong answers. This tool is for your personal use, to aid in reflection and guide goal setting.

We are excited to begin sharing this amazing tool with you in our tip this week, and hope it helps support you and answer the infamous question “Am I doing it right?” 


Gail Boushey and Allison Behne 


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Essential Elements Are Here! . . .
Let's Start with Daily 5
This invaluable tool will help you assess your knowledge and application of Daily 5, leading to thoughtful reflection and meaningful goal-setting.  



Daily 5 . . .
Choice in Content and Format Increases Engagement*
A variety of text formats will help increase engagement and cement strategy instruction. 


Book Looks . . .
Here are three wonderful books for strategy instruction.

      •   The Water Princess by Susan Verde

      •   Noisy Night by Mac Barnett

      •   Today I Feel . . . An Alphabet of Feelings by Madalena Moniz



Focus on Health . . .
Foggy Day
Carol summons mental pictures with imagery about fog. 


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