Two Back-to-School Preparation Events

Event one: Daily 5 and CAFE Quick Start—Prepare and Launch


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The last date for beginning this mini seminar is September 21, 2017.


This two-module seminar supports teachers preparing to launch Daily 5 and CAFE simultaneously in the literacy classroom. Learn how to create a classroom environment conducive to success with both frameworks and how to apply the 10 Steps to Teaching and Learning Independence when teaching the classroom behaviors associated with Daily 5.

Seminar Components

You will receive guidance and tools for launching the frameworks so that you are ready to start on the first day of school or whenever you want to begin.

  • Organize a daily schedule incorporating Daily 5/CAFE after a brief refresher on both frameworks.
  • Identify the essential elements of launch preparations and explore resources in the areas most relevant to your experience level.
  • Discuss ideas and gain tips for materials, storage, and classroom design.
  • Apply the 10 Steps to Teaching and Learning Independence as a classroom behavior teaching tool for launching Read to Self, the first Daily 5 task.
  • Learn how to use the document titled “Launch Daily 5 and CAFE Routines in 15 Days” as a guide for a successful launch.

We offer opportunities for leveraging seminar content to maximize your learning.

  • Collaborate with teachers from around the world through your seminar’s online discussion board.
  • Receive answers to your individual questions from Allison Behne and Jessica Hellberg via discussion board and one live Q&A session.

Guidance tools included with the online seminar

The “Essential Elements” for Daily 5, Math Daily 3, and CAFE, and “Launch Daily 5 and CAFE Routines in 15 Days” allow you to continue self-appraisal and learning beyond the seminar. Both guides are available to participants via download.


- AND -

Event two: Free Essential Elements webinar

Quick Overview of New Self-Guidance Tool

Sign up for this webinar and get started on your new classroom preparation path. Participants receive

  • the “Essential Elements for Daily 5 and Math Daily 3” and the “Essential Elements for CAFE,” and,
  • Gail Boushey and Allison Behne’s how-to overview.



Want in-depth training on the foundations and implementation?

Online Seminars

Four-module online seminars run August through November. Each monthly session includes one seminar each on

  • Daily 5,
  • Math Daily 3, and
  • CAFE.

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Live Workshops

Two days in each city: one focused on Daily 5 and Math Daily 3, the other on CAFE. There’s still room for you at the following workshops:



New Brunswick, NJ

July 29–30

Minneapolis, MN

August 10–11

Fort Worth, TX

September 16–17

Orange County, CA

October 21–22

Las Vegas, NV

November 11–12

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Daily 5: Supporting Research

"Effective Strategies for Teaching and Learning Independence in Literacy: The Daily 5 Literacy Structure" (Jill Buchan, PhD)

Dr. Jill Buchan thoroughly surveys the research on teaching approaches and student behaviors that lead to literacy proficiency and independent learning. The paper shows why the Daily 5 works so effectively, as well as its essential components.

Get the books for less

Purchase either The Daily 5 (2nd ed.) or The CAFE Book from Stenhouse Publishers at a reduced price and get free shipping.

Websites for ongoing support

The Daily CAFE. Get resources whenever you need them. Collaborate with colleagues and The 2 Sisters team on the Discussion Board. Varied membership options.

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CCPensieve. Online conferring notebook you use to track goals and progress, one-on-one conference details, and next steps for each student. Two membership levels.

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Both. Get a discount if you and one other colleague join or extend your memberships to The Daily CAFE and CCPensieve at the same time.

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Book collections for Daily 5 classrooms

With fiction and nonfiction books curated for each grade between kindergarten and fifth, these Stenhouse-compiled collections are designed to make teachers’ lives easier.

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