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If you ever feel at a loss for a brain break activity,  GoNoodle is the place to visit.

GoNoodle provides a wealth of short, interactive activities that will enhance motivation and engagement. Though designed to meet the needs of students in grades K–5, I tested it out on my preschool-aged grandsons and it was a big hit.

What I like:

  • It is free! Once you create an account, you can begin exploring and using it right away.
  • It is research based. Activities are designed to benefit the brain, increase attention span, and enhance health.
  • Activities are brief. You can tell before clicking on an activity how long it takes, enabling you to find something that meets your needs, whether it is as short as one minute or as long as five.
  • It is goal oriented. Each class chooses a mascot. The mascot keeps track of the minutes needed to advance to the next level.
  • It is versatile. Specialists and interventionists who see multiple groups can easily set up multiple classes.
  • You have the ability to explore via the Demo Class. This area is provided so teachers can explore the available activities and preview them without affecting the progress of their class or classes.
  • You have the ability to mark “favorites.” This makes it easy to find the content you like best later on.
  • Additional activity channels are available. Besides GoNoodle, you can access five other brain break options:
    • Zumba Kids: Your students might love dancing along with these.
    • Koo Koo Kanga Roo: These silly dances will make kids giggle.
    • Run With Us: This track-and-field game includes coaching tips from real athletes.
    • The Kidz Bob Kids: You'll find fun and silly songs to sing along with.
    • YouTube: These videos were specially selected by the GoNoodle staff. You can add your own or hide this completely if your district blocks YouTube.

The requirements are that you have to have a computer with broadband Internet service and a screen that all students can see.  But if you've got those, and you take a bit of time to explore this resource, you'll probably find activities that will be perfect for helping your students engage, reset, and get their wiggles out. 

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