Focus on What's Ahead


July 16, 2021

Todd Gordon

Do you see that speck on my windshield inside the red circle? While driving recently, I noticed a speck where a bug had hit the windshield of my car. I made the mistake of taking my eyes off the road ahead to look closely at the speck, but then I quickly realized how dangerous that could be.

The same is true of our goals and vision. If we stay focused on the little obstacles in our way, we will never get to our ultimate destination.

It happens in school all the time. Have you ever said to your students, “I am waiting for everyone to be quiet so that we can get started”? In reality, if we go ahead and start an engaging lesson, students quickly become ready to learn. Or, have you ever been so focused on lack of instruction time when building independent reading stamina that you overlook the fact that the stamina you are building will actually save you time?

It's important to not become distracted by small things. Stay focused on your journey and your destination. Ignore the distractions, and pay attention to what’s ahead of you. That's what really matters. 

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