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Ready Reference Guides are one-page documents that help us remember the key details of the strategy we are teaching. Each guide consists of the strategy definition, why readers need the strategy, how to teach it, secrets to success, instructional pivots, and possible partner strategies. When teaching a strategy, we find it helpful to have the Ready Reference Guide on hand to help direct our instruction. Forty-two Ready Reference Guides can be found in the back of the expanded second edition of The CAFE Book or on the Daily CAFE website. And although those 42 cover the majority of the strategies we must teach, sometimes our grade-level standards require us to add strategies that aren’t included. When this happens, we find it is helpful to create a Ready Reference Guide we can use when teaching. It helps us stay consistent with our instruction, follow the instruction protocol, and meet our grade-level standards. Below is a fillable Ready Reference Guide template for you to use as needed.

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